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Container roof with plate specifications

( DATE: 2013/8/8    HITS: 1999 )

The roof of container fittings:
Commonly used specifications size 2.0 * 1045 * 1045 (or 2.0 MM thick plate according to customer's requirement) such as 1.2 to 1.3.
Wave wave roof every 17 mm. 5 round head big roof, 17 x 5 feed width = 85 + 1045 = 85. Blanking length direction for 2380, round head to edge is 25 mm.
According to the 2356 length can trim length is 2356. The roof is mold forming, on the width and length, little size can be.

Extended board of container fittings:
Extension plate main role is connected to the roof, after the location of the container is a former top beam and roof beam, the thickness is 3.0, front width is 100, slope width 20, the bottom width is 277, bending of circular arc Angle for R4, total width is 397.
Note: the long end connected to the roof, a short one end connected to the top beam.
Every 20 feet flat box the use number 2 above. Use the size of 3.0 * 397 * 2400.


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