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Container fittings of vacuum insulation panel

( DATE: 2013/8/8    HITS: 2025 )



Vacuum insulation board is the insulation performance good core material in gas structure, vacuum sealed again after formation of the plank. Vacuum insulation panel research started in the fifties of the last century, has been nearly 60 years of history, at first, the use of powdered silica in the core material, in the seventy s using hole foam plastics.

After the ninety s many large companies in Europe and the united has carried out the research of vacuum insulation panel, has gained rich research achievements, as a commonly used container fittings are widely used now. Now vacuum insulation panel at home and abroad has been widely used in refrigerators, freezers, cold storage, refrigerated trucks, refrigerated containers, medical incubator, wall insulation and other fields, such as in Japan more than 70% of household refrigerator insulation layer using the vacuum insulation panel, in Europe and the vacuum insulation panel has been widely used in the transportation of refrigerated transport in the incubator.
According to some of the pitfalls of vacuum insulation panel, in the practical application of the corresponding protective measures must be taken to solve:
(1) vacuum insulation board with adhesive paste in refrigerated incubator insulated space inside or the outside, and then casting polyurethane foam concentrate to the heat insulation space as a whole, foam insulation cavity filled every space, at the same time wrapped tightly vacuum insulation board.
(2) the vacuum insulation panel mounted on the rectangular box of mould, injection liquid polyurethane foam molding, in that case, polyurethane foam was wrapped tightly around the vacuum insulation panel, cavity formed after the polyurethane block composite board with vacuum insulation panel.

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