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The meaning of the data on the container door

( DATE: 2013/8/8    HITS: 1981 )

Do you know the meaning of the data on the container door?
On the door of each container will be marked with the data, the data clearly shows the basic information of this container, but a lot of friends because did not understand the meaning of these data encoding, said, so today we'll explain decryption password on the door of container fittings.

We use an example to everyone, have such a container, the door of the data is as follows:
INBV 387506
22 the g1
Container coding, species
Max Gross 30.480 KGS
67.200 LBS
Maximum gross weight 30480 kg 30480 pounds
Tare 2.185 KGS
4820 LBS
Container weight 2185 kilograms, 4820 pounds
NG 28.295 KGS
62380 LBS
Net weight 28295 kg, 62380 pounds
CU. CAP 33.2 CU. M
1.173 CU. FT.
Volume (volume) of 33.2 cubic meters to 1173 cubic feet


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