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Container Angle is one of the important mechanical parts on the container

( DATE: 2013/8/8    HITS: 1826 )


Container Angle is one of the important mechanical parts on the container, often through stacking, buckles and lifting, complex shape, general casting, in order to guarantee the performance requirements, must by heat treatment. The traditional heat treatment is to use (930 ℃ x 3 h, water quenching + 680 ℃, tempering) this kind of process.

Theoretically, for low carbon, low hardenability of container Angle casting is difficult to form a uniform organization, traditional heat treatment process of  needs two heating processing, power consumption is large, scale thickness, processing capacity, high production cost. To the traditional process is simplified to a container corner castings normalizing treatment such as mechanical properties can meet the requirements, it will greatly reduce the production cost, create great economic benefits. This topic using a normalized, conditioning treatment alternative for blank before heat treatment, and then processed into standard sample.

Container corner pieces as a kind of container fittings has been closely watched, for the production of precision casting is typically through layers of checks, for each link of the inspection is necessary, so as to produce qualified products. Our company is specialized in the production of container fittings, the product quality worthy of trust.

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